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Grant MacLeod, The Munro Bagpiper

Welcome to munrobagpiper.com, home of Grant MacLeod, the Munro Bagpiper. From here you can follow his adventures, as he works his way through the Scottish Munros, playing his bagpipes on each and every one of them.

Grant’s adventures are documented walk by walk, as well as his tours of Scotland and the USA.
You can also find information regarding hiring Grant’s services or purchase photographs and merchandise, as well as getting in touch directly.

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Personal Tune Dedications

7 Nov 2018|Comments Off on Personal Tune Dedications



There are very few sounds out with nature, that can evoke as much emotion as the sound of the Great Highland bagpipe. The haunting tone can send shivers down the spine, and move the toughest […]

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Nothing like a day in the mountains

22 Oct 2016|Comments Off on Nothing like a day in the mountains

Life is funny isn’t it? We work so we can enjoy life that little more, but then work so much that we can’t enjoy life.

My feelings this week, as I woke up at 5 am […]

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Mountain Therapy.

7 Aug 2016|5 Comments

The sad passing of my Grandfather (Papa) earlier this year, as the passing of loved ones often does, prompted a lot of thought and re-evaluation. As well as the obvious personal loss, it really put […]

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2016 so far

15 Jun 2016|2 Comments

2015 was a bit of an anti climax in terms of getting out in the hills. A combination of poor weather, work uncertainty, and injury, restricted my Munro count to only 10. This would have […]

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