In order to get from Scotland’s more vibrant lowlands, to the simply majestic highlands, you must pass the stunning gateway of Glencoe.

Glencoe is an area of natural beauty, that should fill every warm blooded Scottish person with pride. History almost reverberates around the glen, telling centuries of stories from lives and battles gone by.

I have been fortunate enough to pass Glencoe on countless occasion, and have been able to join some of the history, by playing my pipes in some iconic positions through the glen.

Stob a’Choire Odhair

So, 2015 had been very slow to start properly. It was June, and to date, I had only managed one Munro, due to a combination of work, poor weather, and injuries. For this reason, I was quite nervous about getting back into it, especially if [...]

7 December 2015|Comments Off on Stob a’Choire Odhair

Pre-wedding stroll up Buachaille Etive Mor

One of, if not THE, most iconic mountains in the United Kingdom, and very much a symbol of my childhood drives from Glasgow to my holidays in Glenelg and Arnisdale before moving north. Buachaille Etve mor, is such an imposing structure, and from certain angles, looks [...]

5 December 2015|1 Comment

Meall a’Bhuiridh and Creise

So, Monday night was my leaving night from the pub in Bearsden! No more working till 1am, pouring pints, and beig spoken to like dirt by rich middle aged men! Time to move on, and get on with my career in health and fitness. That [...]

10 July 2015|1 Comment

Buachallie Etive Beag

Glencoe! Simply put, words and pictures cannot do it justice. It is without doubt, apart from my home area of Glenelg and Arnisdale, my favourite part of Scotland. I always fail to drive from Tyndrum to Fort William, without at least stopping once. It is [...]

10 July 2015|Comments Off on Buachallie Etive Beag
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