Life is funny isn’t it? We work so we can enjoy life that little more, but then work so much that we can’t enjoy life.


My feelings this week, as I woke up at 5 am for work every morning were along the lines of “just get me to Friday so I can go out and enjoy the hills!”. My mind was so fixed towards the weekend, that I may have missed many things that were right in front of me through the week. The funny thing is, when it came to Friday morning, I was so tired, and thankful that I didn’t have to get out of bed, that I very nearly didn’t. I slept on in the morning, going back and forth in my head on whether to take today as a recovery day, or to get out and really enjoy it! How often does this happen to us all? We are so focused on what lies ahead, and when it finally comes, we are either physically or mentally unprepared for it.


I had a word with myself, I do that often, and told myself to take it one step at a time. I got in the car and went for a drive. As I got further North the idea of climbing a Munro became more appealing. As I passed the gigantic mountains on my way, it became less. It was a real back and forth mental battle. I knew the rewards that would await me on the mountain, but I was also worried about the physical stress of climbing the thing!


All reservations went out the window as I set off from the car park and into the hills. That feeling of freedom, and worries just slowly drifting away is something that you can struggle to replicate elsewhere. You forget about worries, and start focusing on the task at hand…getting to the top of this mountain!


The Highland painting was really taking shape early. As I took steps forward, a different view, and perspective became visable. The colours of autumn, and the calm conditions, just made the ascent heavenly. The sun was breaking through the clouds in the distance, showing rays of light striking the glen. I didn’t want to be anywhere else.


I was was part of the environment. I could hear the deer on the mountain, the birds were flying around me, and the magical sound of the waterfall cascading down the gorge was worth ££££ of therapy.

Every stop was a fantastic photo opportunity, but I had my goal of reaching the top. Sadly, the clouds came in as I approached the final target, blocking out all views. Not to be beaten, I set up a few meters below the summit, and was able to capture the mountain in all it’s glory.


My day in the hill, once again, showed, that by putting in that effort, you can get the rewards. You can choose to lie in bed for an extra few hours, or you can go out and create memories that will live in you forever. I doubt I could ever recreate my moments on this hill, each outing is unique. You have to take these opportunities.


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