So, winter came, and for many of us, it conquered!. Rain, wind, snow, hail, you name it, we got it over the past few months. I saw some people braving the elements, and hitting summits no matter what, but for me, it meant lower level activities.

Since hitting my elusive 50th Munro, I had grown frustrated at being stuck on this number. Month after month passed, the odd nice day also, with me working and unable to hit the hills. The opportunity arose for today, but my mother was visiting, so time was tight! Where can I go? I decided Beinn Buidhe was the one for today, cycling in, climbing, and cycling out.



The end of the cycle and start of the climb


I discovered my brakes were rubbing badly on my bike, which made what should have been a pleasant cycle, a lot tougher. I also discovered I didn’t have my lock, so I left my bike, in the good faith that no one would “borrow” it.

The first part of the climb was tough on my winter softened legs, but views back down the glen were making enjoyable spots for water breaks.



Quickly getting views


It wasn’t long before things started to get interesting ahead, with the water fall coming into view.



Views really opened up


It was not long after here that things got tougher. With the arrival of a couple of snow banks, pace slowed, and energy waned. I was however, looking forward to coming down the same bits :-).

As I got past the snow, I couldn’t believe my ears, then eyes, when I saw a DIGGER , building a road!! What!?! Can’t stand the thought of the hills, our wild land, having roads and buildings built through it. Not sure what is getting built exactly, but it sure ruined the experience of being out.

This possibly through me a bit, as I then lost the route, trying to avoid the works, and soon found myself up the wrong section of the hill. Fortunately, I was able to see some tracks in the distance, and so was able to correct myself without too much fuss.

It was now the final steep slog, and the views were beginning to look spectacular (despite the digger)



Starting to be worth the slog


With one final bit of snow to negotiate, the end was very much in sight



Final stretch of snow


Then what can you say about the view from the summit?!



All worth while


If not the music at the summit :-)



Piping on the summit