So the Arrochar Alps will always have a special place for me. Despite being brought up in the majestically rugged North West, surrounded by mountains, it wasn’t until I moved to Glasgow, and missed the hills, that my true passion for the mountains began. It was on the Arrachar Alps that I began my real mountain experiences.

I had done Narnain previously, and was under the impression, that Beinn Ime, was just a simple progression, so off I went up Narnain. It was a slog in the heat, but I made it to the top with little dramas. It was an incredibly hot day, and the heat was making things difficult.

Beinn Imrie Munro Bagpiper

Stunning Views

However, as I reached the top, I came to the realisation, that Beinn Ime, wasn’t the simple walk along the ridge I stupidly thought it was. It was the serious descent and ascent the other direction!! My heart sunk, at the prospect of having to go down such a distance, to have to climb up Ime! But, not being the type to go home having only done half the job, I carried on.

The cloud was coming and going at the top, and as I met people coming down, they said they didn’t get views, then another group said they got great ones. Was a bit of a lottery as to whether I would get a good shot at the top.

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