Again I was working in the evening, and was thinking what I could do with my days. The sun was shining again, and I could almost hear it shouting “I’m not here often, get out and enjoy it”. Ben Vorlich was next on my list, due to its closeness to Glasgow, so off I went.

I got to Inveruglas about 1030, my earliest start yet. It was quite a strange start, having to walk past the Sloy power station, seeing such a major eyesore, with the beauty of the mountains behind gave a bit on an impression of modern Scotland, and emphasised the need, for me, to keep our natural landscapes natural.

The guide was unclear of the best route up the mountain, and being on a time restraint, which I am never doing again, I was keen to get the most direct route. I found a faint path, just before the Sloy dam, so headed up that.

The ascent was pretty relentless, and before I knew it, I had gained great height and was looking around all the mountains. Really made me think how amazing the great outdoors is. Here I was, surrounded by such vast and beautiful scenery, yet in a few hours I would be in Bearsden serving pints.

I hit the snow with about 1000 feet still to go, and the temperature dropped dramatically. The route was mapped out by foot prints, so I made pretty rapid progress up.

Ben Vorlich 2 Munro Bagpiper

As usual being by myself, setting up the camera proved difficult, and the conditions didn’t help. The wind was cutting right through me, and my face and fingers were going numb! A more seasoned walker joined me on the summit, and I hoped he would help with the filming, but no offer was forthcoming. He must have just thought I was daft, and with good reason! I managed a short tune, and successfully got it filmed.

Another hill bagpiped, and off I went to work!

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