Having grown up in Glenelg, I found it quite shocking that I hadn’t been up any of the local hills, barring Beinn Sgritheall! I had driven through Cluanie, seen the five sisters every day of my high school life, and had yet to stand on the summit of a Kintail Munro.

A’Chralaig  Munro Bagpiper

Views opening up

I was home visiting my parents, and had been given orders by my mother to watch the dog while she was at work. Well, I did watch the dog, but she got a bit more exercise than she expected.

A’Chralaig 2 Munro Bagpiper

Simba enjoying the views

Before leaving Glenelg I stopped off at the shop to get a map. A’Chralaig seemed a very straight forward ascent, but always better safe than sorry right? Well, when I got to the foot of the hill, I took out the map, only to discover, it cut off just before A’Chralaig!
There is no real way to describe the ascent of this hill, other than a slog! It is relentless, boggy, and to be honest, looking ahead, pretty grim and uninteresting. Turn yourself around, however, and the views of Cluanie open up spectacularly. A totally different perspective with every couple of feet climbed. The whining of dog disturbed it a little, but was still enjoying my regular breaks.

A’Chralaig 3

The slog was beginning to get to me, especially with the dogs continuous moaning, but as I got to the first top, and the view of the summit became apparent, so did the views of the south Cluannie ridge. Stunning!

A’Chralaig 4

The last stretch was fantastic, with the views to motivate, and the summit was reached. Met a nice gentleman who was visiting, from England. He was in awe of the scenery, and was in shock when he turned around and saw me with my pipes. He very kindly offered to take my photo.

A’Chralaig Summit Munro Bagpiper

At this point, I had to decide whether or not to carry on to the second Munro, Mullach Fraoch-Choire, along the ridge. However, a combination of a fair bit of snow, the dog, and lack of time made me decide to return.

A’ChralaiA’Chralaig Summit Panorama Munro Bagpiperg  Panora

Click to view full size!

The descent was still a challenge, with the bogs, and there were a few choice words said on one of my many slips, but the dog and I made it, and the first of the Kintail hills ticked off the list…I later bought the correct map for next time 

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