Meall Buidhe – First filming experience

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When you read reports, and books on Munros, there seems to be a bit of a ratings system. Some a dull, others spectacular, and while I agree completely with the later, in my experience, it is really hard to find a dull Munro. Granted, I have only experienced good weather on the hills. I have [...]

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Schiehallion – Claire’s first Munro!

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Schiehallion was meant to be my 50th Munro. My plan was to climb it, pipe, and have my girlfriend Claire there with me. It was to be her first Munro (It may be her last for a while!!!) Sadly, my trip to Glenelg last week, yielded a total of ZERO summits, so this outing would [...]

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Ben Lawers 4 – 5 becomes 2, then 4

By |2019-02-24T00:10:53+00:0030 April 2013|Perthshire|

My previous climb had really wetted my apatite to tackle the Lawers range. From Meall Tarmachan, the site of those mountains rising up out of Loch Tay looked fantastic, and with the snow adding a stunning sparkle to the slopes, I couldn’t wait!

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Beinn Tarmachan

By |2019-02-24T00:10:53+00:0028 April 2013|Perthshire|

Coaching done at 11.30am, and suddenly, I come down with a bug! Will not go into detail, but let’s just say I was late to meet my fellow coach after the session to have a pint to celebrate the end of a successful block of coaching! I finally made it to meet, Mark, and we [...]

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