We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The start of a climb, a journey or even just a busy day. We’ve all thought it to be a bit too much, a step too far, and it’s all got on top of us. There are various options when we feel like this. We can let the task at hand engulf us, or we can face I head on, knowing the rewards will far out way the effort required to get there!

It is easy to see the mountain in front of you, and think, “not today, not tomorrow, not ever”, move on, and not really know what you have missed. But by making that commitment, even to make the first step, we are opening ourselves up to the rewards.

The task at hand

Once we decide to make that first step, quickly followed by the second, the third, the fourth, we soon lose count of what step we are on, and see everything opening up before you. You slowly start to realise, this may be possible after all. We notice we have already come further than we thought, and get interested to see how far we can go.

1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps, 4…

First sight of success

That first reward

By breaking your journey into small sections, smaller goals, you will regularly hit these targets, and reap the rewards. Target where you want to be in 5 minutes, 15 minutes and so on.  Enjoy each victory, look at where you have come from, and pat yourself on the back. You are already so much further on than you were this time yesterday, and you can now use this reward to motivate you for the next step.

Don’t let new challenges knock you off course

Speed Bump

And so we march on! On to the next part of the journey, seeking out our next victory. But guess what…sometimes, as we turn the corner, we realise the summit we were aiming for, was just a decoy, and was really hiding the task at hand. We get around that corner, and once again, we are engulfed with an overwhelming sense of being in above our head.

It is at this point, where we cast our mind back to how we felt at the start of the journey, just a few hours, days, months ago, and also to the feelings of our previous victory. How far had we come to reach that first target, and how great we felt when we reached it. We remember WHY we are on the journey, and what success will mean to you.

The views keep improving

We knuckle down, just as we did at the start, and take it step by step. With each step, the rewards get larger and larger, with each step, the promise of more fills you with drive and motivation to keep going. We may start feeling the pain, but we have now come so far, that we simply cannot turn back, because turning back will just mean starting again, and reliving all the fears we have overcome.

Those final steps towards your summit, can be both the easiest, and the hardest of the whole journey. A mix of emotions can pass over you, as you remember the journey, a journey that has been so long, but can yet be a few steps away.  In those final steps, you can discover so much about yourself, as you are about to conquer that mountain.

That feeling of reaching your goal, be it a physical mountain, or a life journey, is personal to each and every one of us. It can be joy, relief, satisfaction, each and every person has different reasons for breaking through their comfort zone, time and time again , to achieve their goal. The fact of the matter is, you did it! You have over come hurdles, even before taking the first step! You decided to push yourself, and commit to what you wanted. You didn’t let anything get in your way. 

Be proud of EVERY little goal you achieve, as all those little achievements, add up to conquering that mountain.


One of the most overlooked parts of everything we achieve in life, is taking a moment to reflect on the whole journey. Too soon, we are on to the next challenge, but there is plenty time for that. It is vital, that we take the time to reflect on what we have achieved. It is this feeling, that you will use, as you inevitably start on your next journey. You climbed that mountain when you doubted yourself, you can climb ANYTHING.

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