2015 was a bit of an anti climax in terms of getting out in the hills. A combination of poor weather, work uncertainty, and injury, restricted my Munro count to only 10. This would have made for a very disappointing year, had it not been for the development of the piping side of my venture!

In June last year, through a combination of factors, I was fortunate enough to bag a piping residency at a wedding venue. Not only that, but my social media reach went through the roof!

All this lead to hitting 2016 running. With weddings booked through the year, a little more work certainty, and many people now standing up and taking notice, I feel 2016 is a huge turning point in the life of the Munro Bagpiper, and of course, Grant MacLeod.



I have expanded my activities on the mountains now, but recording my ascents in greater detail, doing a lot more stuff directly to camera, which I feel is giving everyone a greater inside into my personality; I am not prioritising my enjoyment of each adventure, and the quality in which I can record it, so in turn, my followers can enjoy also; And I feel I now have a much greater connection with those following my page.

Air shot 3

All this has led to great excitement, and contemplation, on the future of the Munro Bagpiper. What started off just doing the Munros, playing my pipes, in memory of my Nana and friend, has turned into something so much bigger. I have been shocked at the effect what I do has had on so many, and I am incredibly proud, and humbled to hear people’s reactions. I am now planning making merchandise available, so spread the brand world wide, as well as another small project which will be made public in the coming days.


I have met some great people, particularly this year, since becoming more and more established, and can not wait to see what the coming months and years bring.


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