There are very few sounds out with nature, that can evoke as much emotion as the sound of the Great Highland bagpipe. The haunting tone can send shivers down the spine, and move the toughest person in the world to tears.

The bagpipes are most associated with Scotland, however, the impact it can have on people the world over is incredible. The versatility means the same tune can be played for both a celebration, or a funeral, stirring such differing emotions.

Many people dream of visiting Scotland, not just because of its spectacular untouched beauty, but also to trace their family history. Millions around the world have connections through the generations to our wonderful land, and hold it dear to their heart.

This Christmas, why not give a loved one that little piece of Scotland? Why not have their favourite tune played on the bagpipes, dedicated to them from one of Scotland’s stunning landscapes. Be it Glencoe, Skye, Loch Lomond, the list is endless.

The reaction to such a gift, is worth it in itself.

Email Munro Bagpiper at to find out more about packages, and pricing.

Give a loved one a gift they will always cherish this Christmas.

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